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Headbashings And Dark Serenades

In gereral my music leans toward metal and hard rock (mainly goth) and sprinkle it with a little industrial and some nu metal but I'm not picky. I basically listen to music I like the sound of.
Cradle of Filth (Black/Extreame Metal/Goth)
Deathstars (Industrial/Goth/Metal)
Das Ich (German/Electro-Industrial)
Combichrist (Electro-Industrial)
VNV Nation (Electro-Industrial)
Die Sektor (Electro-Industrial)
Mandragora Scream (Goth)
Gothminister (Industrial/Goth/Metal)
E Nomine (German/Latin Electronic)
Rammstein (German Industrial)
London After Midnight (Goth/Electro-Industrial)
Darkthrone (Black Metal/Crust Punk)
Theatres Des Vampires (Black Metal/Goth)
Marilyn Manson (Heavy Metal/Goth)
Disturbed (Heavy/Nu Metal)
Evanescance (Goth Hard Rock)
Within Temptation (Goth Metal/Hard Rock)
Slot (Russian Nu Metal)
Dope Stars Inc (Electro-Industrial)
Dope (Nu Metal)
Impaled (Heavy Metal)
Velvet Acid Christ (Electro-Industrial)

Visual Stimulation

Anime, gore and dark gothy movies.
Hellsing (anime)
Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust (anime)
Ghost In A Shell (anime)
Wicked City (anime)
Gungrave (anime)
Elfen Lied (anmie)
Watchmen (Rorshack is awesome)
The Matrix (just the first one)
28 Days Later
28 Weeks Later
The Dark Knight (The Joker; why so serious?)
Doom (yes, I know it was bad, so sue me)
Witch Hunter Robin (anime)

Literature and Prose

Dracula ~ Bram Stoker
In the Eyes of Bats and Wolves ~ Patrick Esterix
Polgara the Sorceress ~ David Eddings

Ramblings of Madness

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More Than You Want To Know

Cynical, agitated, caffine/sugar high addicted, filled with rage and general disdain, but on the plus side I bottle it all up so you'll never see it.

Quote of the (insert time block here)

The only thing that will give me peace is a beard-seeking missile ~ Bernard Black, Black Books

In the world of writing there seems to be three levels; Edge of Your Seat-Can't Wait for the Next Chapter, Interesting and Couldn't Write your Way out of a Haiku ~ Me

If you die and nobody is around to remember you, it's like you never existed at all ~ Can't remember who

One person's music is another person's crappy, tuneless shit ~ Me

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